25 de abr. de 2012

Os melhores quizzes sobre J.R.R. Tolkien

Quem procura, acha. E muita coisa. Após descobrir alguns quizzes sobre Jane Austen, achei vários outros sobre Tolkien. Diferentemente dos resultados de Jane, gostei da maioria de Tolkien. Pra fazer, é só clicar em cada um:

Tolkien's Elvish - How Much Do You Know? 
Wow! You must be an elf - your elvish is so attuned. Or possibly...a Numenorean or Istari. Well done!

Which Tolkien Language Are You?

You, my dear, are a Hobbit! Hobbits are small creatures with a huge, passionate love for the earth and all the growing things in it. They are smaller than Dwarves and have big, furry feet.

You are Galadriel! The only daughter of Finarfin and the child with the most names, what with Artanis, Altariel and Nerwen on the side. Your lust for power sent you across the Grinding Ice as the only female leader of the Returning Noldor, before marring Celeborn and lived in Doriath for a while, learning how to completely cut your kingdom off from its neighbors and good tips like that, before going east and getting a Ring of Power, ruling Lothlorien and looking beautiful before eventually sailing back to Valinor sans husband, country and Ring.

Which Tolkien Goddess are You? 
You are Yavanna Kementari, Queen of the Earth. Always the mother figure in any situation, you love to watch things thrive and grow. Nothing brings you more pleasure than a garden or a pet. Always a nurturer.

Aragorn + Arwen You met in the woods not knowing that you had both been raised by your father. You fell in love even though he was just a man and you are an elf. You are a quiet woman, but he is very brave and loves you dearly. You give up moving with your family to the undying lands to live with him. He becomes a king, and you have a huge wedding and you live happily ever after.

You are Morgoth-The first dark lord. You are responsible for the theft of the Silmarils and the resulting exile of the noldor. Many elves died because of you.

What Elf are you from Tolkien's books? 
You are Legolas. You are Prince of Mirkwood and have blond hair. You are a loyal member of the Fellowship.

Which Tolkien Elven Race Do You Belong to? 
You are one of the Sindar, the noble Grey-Elves of Middle-Earth. Wise and fair you are like a young birch-tree in the morning sun. You love deep shadows of the great forests and the stars of Elbereth Gilthoniel the most. But beware the Sea. Once your hear the crying of the gulls your heart will be turned in to the West forever. Noted Elves of your race: Legolas Greenleaf, Celeborn, Gildor Inglorion, Luthien Tinuviel and Elu Thingol -Berio i dur Belain i ven lin ne vorn!-(May the power of Valar protect you on your path in the darkness)

Who is your SICTNITM soulmate from Tolkien's universe? 
Your soulmate is: Glorfindel. You are a true member of the House of the Golden Flower. Balrog-Slayer and prophet extraordinaire, you are the epitome of bravery, strength, and wisdom. You don't want to rule anyone, and no one rules you. This doesn't mean that you have a small heart. On the contrary, you would die for your friends and are a staunch ally against any foe.

How long would you survive in Tolkien's Middle-earth?
Hmmm... I have to admit, you are good enough to survive Middle-earth. You might not escape unscathed, but you will survive. Would you like to join the PPC, we need people of your remarkable resilience and intelligence.

Which Tolkien artist are you?
Ted. Nasmith.

How much of a Tolkien expert are you? 
Expert! You are the person that everyone comes up to and asks questions about LoTR. You know all the answers, and chaces are you cut pictures of the LoTR characters out of calendars and magazines so you can put them on your wall. You've got Tolkien or Middle-earth wallpaper on your desktop, and you read The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit (there and Back again) and The Silmarrillion at least once a year. I salute you!

Are You A Real Tolkien Reader? 
Maybe you've read the books, but you're not exactly up to par. Keep reading!

How well do you know the world of Tolkien? 
WISEST OF ALL BEINGS-To you, the world of Tolkien is the real world, and you have familiarized yourself with it. Are you sure you're not a foreigner from Middle-earth?

Which of Tolkien's heroines are you? 
You are Idril! Idril was a princess of the hidden Elvish city of Gondolin, and hailed as a great beauty. She married Tuor, a Man who took up residence in Gondolin, but without the dad-induced glitches Luthien and Beren had to put up with. Unfortunately, glitches still arrived in the form of Maeglin, Idril's cousin, who secretly loved her, and who betrayed Gondolin to Morgoth in hopes of finally having her. Idril, however, had never trusted him, so when Morgoth attacked, she had an escape route ready, and she, Tuor, and their son Earendil fled Gondolin and emerged unscathed. Idril and Tuor later sailed to Valinor, where Tuor was granted the grace of joining the ranks of the Elves - a boon that was offered to him alone of all Men. As Idril, you are popular, level-headed, and intuitive.

Which Valar from Tolkien's works are you? 
You are most like the Lord of the Valar, Manwe. You are an organized, caring person who loves literature and nature.

Which female character from Tolkien's works are you most like? 
You are most like the beautiful and wise Galadriel!

Silmarillion Tolkien Elven Quiz-Vanyar, Noldor, Teler, Sindar-Finished! 
You're one of the Sindarin/Nandor/Laiquendi! You like trees and peace and singing. And thats about it. You probably dont like these nutty Noldor who go around randomly starting wars. Still, they probably saved you from slavery and certain death. My advice to you is that you may be unable to see the forest for the trees. Make friends with your neighbors- and watch out for a kid called Turin.

You're a regular elf. Enjoy all the frolicking, and the immortality.

Which female elven character in Tolkien's Silmarillion are you? 
Idril Celebrindal, daughter of Turgon and Elenwe. She was born in Valinor, and later lived in her father's city of Gondolin. She married a mortal man, Tuor, and their son was Earendil. After the fall of Gondolin, the two lived in Sirion for a time before sailing to Valinor. Her name means 'sparkling brilliance'.

Could you learn Tolkien's Languages? 
You have a 0-24% chance of really learning Tolkien's languages.

In Which Tolkien Book Do You Belong? (with Pictures) 
The Silmarillion.

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